06 August 2008

more crap online

So, we convinced Enkler to take some time off from caring for baby thoroughbreds and come visit us at the end of July. So we had a small party, then a big party, and it was good. I also had the brilliant idea of shit, press types are always wanting photos... eh, we can get some random shots at the party. I didn't warn anyone, so we don't look very suave. Hell, I forgot myself, but luckily there was a good camera around. Yes, we are always giving it 100%, because we are all about taking it to the next level... of not giving a fuck. We are the Darkthrone of indie rock, bitches.

So, here's an outtake for our loyal readers. Below you will observe the giant brains of Prisonshake grapple with the modern boombox:

We eventually figured it out... but check out Enkler, that dude is always ready to pull out his cock. Speaking of, I found a couple choice shots of him on the camera, standing outside buck naked with an artfully placed gigantic zucchini. I so wish I could post one here, but he says, "I don't want to be on the internet." Pussy. You can see the "better" pictures at the bottom of this page.

Also, I've been remiss - I got distracted by the streaming players and forgot to post a free mp3, so here's Crush Me. I put up a rough mix of it ages ago, but I think it was called This Is All It Is then, though it started life as Kirke. This is probably the oldest song (writing-wise) on the album, we started playing it when we were touring The Roaring Third, though of course it went through some changes before the 2004 take we are using. A '96 demo version was a hidden track on the '97 Scat sampler. I think my favorite bit is in the solo when Patrick plays threes over our fours, those polyrhythms do an excellent job at mimicking most humans' favorite activity, way rad.

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