16 August 2008

2 Sisters video

A friend of mine came across this the other day - somebody made a video for "2 Sisters" - nice. Thanks for picking up the slack, dude, I enjoyed this very much. Making videos is something we've never been interested in. Like, at all. This way is much more fun, 'cause bands making traditional music videos is kinda pathetic, it says to me: we're so desperate to be liked that we'll happily spend and lose thousands of dollars on the off chance that you'll think we're cool. I know, thousands are no longer required in this brave new world of tubes, but it's still a bunch of time to spend. Did I mention it was gay? Very gay. How gay? Sniper-at-the-fag-parade gay. Knob city. Dork alley. So I dig this action, best of both worlds.

Lest any passers-by think there is any actual homophobia involved in the above comments, please refer to our single, "Jimjimmyjimjim." We love our gay and tg'd brothers and sisters, the only people I have a problem with are the repressed ones who won't let their own freak flag fly. And if you need more bona fides, our drummer Patrick used to be in Pansy Division...

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Anonymous said...

i guess i'd better step up and take the hit for the rest of finn's motel. the recent linear video was my idea. i am the sniper.