29 October 2008

time is tight

np: Budapest Quartet - Beethoven string 4tet #15 (Columbia MS 6386)
nd: Sam Adams Cranberry "Lambic" (fucking weird)

Well, dang, it has been a while. Money and time are tight. At times like this, when I'm mostly working the ebay or classical LP pimp action, the little remaining free time is best spent as far away from the computer as possible, as you well know. If you happen to look at that ebay stuff (some random classical, some 45s for a friend, key label releases), bear in mind that the label bits there are generally more expensive than you'd pay at the label site (hint, hint). In fact, if you'd like to take advantage of my not-so-fucking-good present situation, type in "blog15" in the comment field at checkout and I'll give you 15% off. That will happen off-site, nothing happens automatically. And hey, the new Cobra Verde album, Haven't Slept All Year is out this week! I can't give you the 15% on that, but it's worth getting, no doubt. Their version of "Play with Fire" from the last album, Copycat Killers, was on a recent episode of HBO's True Blood - I think during the closing credits.

So money sucks ass, maybe you're in that spot too, but I'm holding up alright spirit-wise because all the non-financial parts of my life are fucking great. And at least we broke even on these shows we did, many thanks to those that came. We had a lot of great openers, too - especially This Moment in Black History in Chicago. God do they rock. And they've really got that essentially Cle thang, but I can't elaborate in my present state. They had a hilarious story about how they fixed their radiator en route with some misc plumbing supplies they scrounged at a Home Depot or some shit. I look forward to being able to hang with those guys sometime when I don't need to maintain coordination and fine motor skills.

There's a possibility of heading down to Austin in Jan or Feb, but I'm not sure if we can find enough scratch between here and there to do it. If you live between here and there and if you book a joint or like the idea of a house party, contact scatrecords (at) gmail (dot) com.

One thing I've heard from people about Dirty Moons is, "it needs a fucking concordance." So I'll set to doing that when I can post more. Probably short bits with links to spoilers and ephemera.

An interview with the Agit Reader can be found here. Ghettoblaster magazine took a shine to DM in their latest issue and have a free mixtape mp3 thing on their site that includes I Will Comment, along with some other people you've probably heard of or are curious about.



Brushback said...

That Agit Reader interview is great.

Michael said...

Like This Moment in Black History, that lambic you're drinking sounds mighty intriguing; was it especially tart/sour?

the super across the way said...

I don't think it was a lambic at all, at least not in terms of yeast, more in the fruit aspect. Just bad, drain pour on the second one. Best sour I've had lately was some of that latest New Belgium La Folie. Pricey, but delicious.