06 January 2009

happy sol invictus and new year

np: Queen II
nd: Duvel

I haven't had the bread to buy records or new music lately, though I guess I could steal it - but when you've got too many records (modest by hoarder standards, but I've got a bit over 2,000 LPs), it's not like there's nothing to listen to, and I don't iPod or listen when I am at the machine. And god knows most of the shit out there is either too inept or gay to rock out to anyway, so wtf. Thus, much of the canon has been getting a lot of 'table time lately: Electric Ladyland (would love to blog about that album someday), Exile, Double Nickels, older AC/DC, Sonic Youth, etc. Tonight, Queen, a band I first met in fifth grade, circa 1975. The record, A Day at the Races, a killer. II I acquired later in life, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I love the sound, juicy tones, solid rock action paired with apparent excess. No surprise, I prefer side black to side white. If you're a Queen virgin (to their entire albums, that is - god knows we've all heard some of their songs well beyond the breaking point), get Races or Sheer Heart Attack. Everything from the debut through Jazz is cool with me. And good value for money - I don't know for sure, but can't imagine any of them sell for more than $4 secondhand. Hipsters and crate-diggers don't grok Queen as far as I can tell. The Duvel (Dutch for 'devil') was a nice score, my local spot has it on sale this week for $10 for a 4 pack. Easily in my top 5, and I like the 8.5% ABV.

So Pickering emailed me this youtube video. My guess is that it was a project by an Oberlin student circa 1985. I don't remember doing the interview that's part of it, but there I am, with hair my 13 year old daughter is jealous of. The back of it was red, black and gray. There's lots of later era Guns footage (2 guitar lineup) bookending interviews with various scene folks (Larry Collins... really? These people had to be from out of town.) The band I refer to as 'we' is Spike in Vain. Other interviewees include Knifedance, The Guns, and a tantalizing few seconds of the old Chris' Warped store - that was cool to see.

Hope you all have a great '09.


Jon said...

Hello esteemed writers of where the rock is.
I wanted to thank you guys for maintaining a kick-ass blog, that is ACTUALLY interesting to read. If you ever need new music to review, check out my band's (Loyal Divide) new EP at www.theloyaldivide.com/labrador.htm (just right click and 'save as' to download for FREE!). Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

Jonathan Notowidigdo

Empire Hancock said...

happy new year, griff. i've had "dirty moons" spinning in the car for the last week or two. on the way to and from work every day i get to hear another chunk of it, and it just grows on me more and more. i was psyched when it came out, but would now describe my feelings about it as closer to "enthralled." so many fine moments strewn across the whole beast, but "we've only tasted the wine" might be one of the finest songs the snack has unleashed.

"suncynti" was the veri-word. ain't gonna play suncynti!

best wishes!