31 March 2009

the shit

np: Kiss "(Music from) The Elder"
nd: Westmalle Tripel

Hey pals. I have been absent. I do that. Have I mentioned that I fucking hate computers? I am always anxious to get away from the machine. So if I post I am either really far up my own ass, trying to hustle some bread, or there is no one around to entertain or fuck me (i.e.-tonight). And yeah, I was dead ass broke there for a while and had zero time.

So I have been a happy man these last months. I pull out The Elder every two or three years and I still don't know if I like it, but there's definitely entertainment value for days. I can say with certainty that the track "Mr. Blackwell," co-written by Gene Simmons and Lou Reed, is a fucking badass song. Like many of my generation, there is plenty of Kiss that I like, Lou I was obsessed with as a post-adolescent, and Ezrin has been behind a good number of records that got encoded into my DNA... so I can't resist it.

My wife is back to bartending and has a part in revamping the beer list at The Royale. So there has been some very classy drinking chez Griff lately. After a couple Belhaven pint cans and an Odell Extra Special Red is probably not the time to be drinking Westmalle, but wtf. It is delicious, and I can pour half a glass, right?

So what's going on, reconnection, is the point of this post. Thank you for giving a fuck. Despite the release of Dirty Moons (and some more nice press that I'm too lazy to link to atm), it would be unwise to expect our activity level to increase. We might play a couple shows next year. There may or may not be more recordings. It's just not in the cards for the Enk, he's all about the rustic (and the limitations of horse breeding)... I can't hold it against my dear friend that he has found a good place. Caged birds do not sing. But I do know exactly what Prisonshake record I want to make next. It will be ideal for post-midnight listening.

That said, I must rock and I have ideas and passions. Lately we've been working up some of Joe Thebeau's new songs for Finn's Motel (and they certainly go in some new directions) and we'll be doing a show opening for Tommy Keene at Off Broadway on April 25.

np: Sabu "Sorcery"

There will be some recording of said new material after that, including an alternate writing of one of Joe's songs from my point of view. Further on I'd like to work up some material of mine, some of which is rock and some of which is fucked, and some both. It's not in or out, baby. The parts that are not Prisonshake-ish will be released under yet to be determined names, the ones that are as....

Transitional Pussy!

Is that the best name ever, or what? I can't imagine playing shows as Prisonshake without Enkler, it doesn't feel right. I toyed with Prisonshak (no E), but that just seems dumb (and done). 100% credit to my wife for the name, which came up in conversation with a gf of hers. I wasn't looking for it, it fucking fell into my lap. Life is so easy sometimes. If we play out, and that would probably include PS songs I sing, it will be under that name.

So, yeah, music will keep happening, there will be reissues too, and I might even post to this blog more. I do fully intend to do the concordance thing I mentioned. I am slow, but I never leave anything unfinished.



planckzoo said...

Nice to hear you have some new music in the works. I don't mind waiting
My 10 year old son has been a huge Kiss fan since he was a little kid.I was never a huge fan, but now I appreciate some of the tunage.


Mark B said...

I just listened to Dirty Moons for the first time. Jesus. What a cluster fuck. Good work. I haven't heard any P'Shake recordings since I'm Really Fucked Now. Still smells just as sweet. Keep on keepin' on.

mike said...

On your recommendation, I just downloaded "Mr. Blackwell" and am pissed off that I must now re-evaluate my entire opinion of Kiss. Badass indeed! -mike

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