02 September 2008

myspace fun

I've quickly learned that the worst part of myspace is the random band trying to glom onto your show. A-1 fuckos on the move.

But I've just realized this can be fun. Names changed to protect the nameless dumbass, I'm nice like that.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Mono Standard
Date: Sep 1, 2008 8:38 PM

hi. i sent you a message a week or so ago about hoping on the 9/26 bill you have @ the blue bird in St. louis. i contacted the venue and the told me it was your show. we could return the favor here in indianapolis.

let me know what you think.


I think you are unnecessarily wasting my time. I owe you an answer.... why? The world owes you nothing, clown. I do not know you and I do not play this myspace whore game. I don't have enough room for people on our bills who take some inspiration from our music, but yet it is you, some random dude in a pop band who can't bother to listen, read or think about what he's asking long enough to realize how far wrong he is, it is YOU who deserves a response? Get bent.


Anonymous said...

I understand your grief, sir, but I thought it has been long understood by many that the worst part of myspace is that it's gay.

Lives in Washington DC said...

Dude... I; hoping on totally getting drunk at your upcoming DC show.

the super across the way said...

My daughter hipped me to this - "how can ___x___ be gay if there isn't another _____x____ of the same sex for it to be attracted to?" Still, what I want to know is, if Myspace hooked up with Facebook, who'd be the top?
I'll see about bringing the rockings to the DC area.

Brushback said...

Which reminds me of a Demetri Martin joke: "From checkers I learned that a king is when there's a guy that looks exactly like another guy right on top of him, but life taught me that that's a queen."

Well, I thought it would be relevant, at least.