12 September 2008

hey, I think there's something wrong with your radiator

np: Alicia DeLaroccha - Granados' Goyescas
nd: New Belgium Trippel

Pianist DeLaroccha is the last word in Spanish repertory of any era and most of her recordings can be had on vinyl for $10 and under, mostly under if you go digging. NB's Trippel is like milk at our house, and it's not expensive since 1=2 with a 7.8% ABV. And delicious too. $7-$8 for a six around here. The Colt 45 of the Family Man? Nectar.

Naturally I've been busy, which is encouraging rather than a stressor - but I wanted to post a quick note that I do intend to keep this thing going, it's not totally a whoring the new album thing. I must introduce our magnificent and infinitely patient rhythm section as well as spout about the bills on these first shows, for starters. I do intend to post some oddball mp3s. And I'm always listening to records, feeling and thinking about the rocks of various girths and shapes. There are other blogs I read and links I'd like to post, I just haven't gotten to wiring them in yet. Regardless, I've always got some random ignorant crap to say too, so do stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Griff, you and the rest of the 'shake rocked some major ass in Cleveland, and it was cool to meet you and chat for a few. It was kinda sorta glorious to hear that exact same guitar sound live that I love hearing on the records. What is it about that Strat? Damn.

Looking forward to digging into the new record, and to more blog posts!


the super across the way said...

Thanks. That '79 Strat is a unique beast, it's wired differently than other models, though I use the neck pickup exclusively. It's definitely a much less polite Strat than is typical. I like to think that the nearly 30 years of sweat and aura absorption have something to do with its sound too.