23 September 2008

important StL driving info

If you're coming to St. Louis this Friday, particularly from the west, be forewarned that I-64 (referred to locally as "40" - the old federal number) is in the midst of a gigantic reconstruction. First off the highway is closed between I-270 and I-170. The Hampton Ave bridge is being demolished that night, with traffic re-routed to the exit/entrance ramps. More critically, the eastbound Jefferson Ave exit will not get you to the club because the Jefferson Ave bridge is closed. If coming from the east (westbound on I-64), you can still use the Jefferson exit (and the Hampton demolition won't be a factor either, it's further west).

There is no signage in the front of the Bluebird/Beffa's (a very cool bar/cafeteria mostly open during the day), there is a parking lot in back and you'll see a blue awning for the club there. It is one block west of Jefferson on Olive, on the southwest corner of Olive and N. Beaumont.

If traveling from the west via I-44 east, exit at Grand, proceed north and turn right at Olive (a few miles up the road, just past I-64). If you're taking I-70 in, take I-270 south to I-44 east and proceed as above. Unless you're a total badass, I would advise against taking the Kingshighway or Grand exits off 70, they'll take you through a pretty hairy part of north city. Alternatively, you could go 70E to 170S to 64E and exit at Grand or Market, but with the Hampton bridge demolition it might be faster to go the long way around via 270 & 44 as described above.

If taking I-70W coming from the east, just switch to I-64 (left 2 lanes on the bridge) and exit at Jefferson.

For more detail check this site.

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